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14:31 With Diana Henderson

By TKXS Author on July 31, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Diana Henderson, Senior Vice President, Client Services, at TKXS. 14:31 was the time allotted, and also a reference to our office address on West Morehead Street in Charlotte.


How long have you been with TKXS and what brought you here?
I came to TKXS (then-Technekes) 11 years ago, because it fulfilled my career in more than one capacity, offering a unique opportunity to apply my educational background (marketing) and professional background (serving customers).


What is your primary responsibility at TKXS?
I lead client services and sales operations but more specifically, I have the sincere pleasure of serving clients, first and foremost, serving my team, and delivering solutions that achieve clients’ objectives.


What does TKXS do?
We help clients achieve their technology, sales and marketing goals through what might sometimes involve unconventional, cutting-edge ways, as well as basic blocking and tackling. The ultimate goal is to use data and technology to meet client needs, move the sales and marketing needle and/or generate ROI.


Why do clients choose TKXS?
Let me share in the voice of a client. I recently met with a new client who said, “Do you know why we selected TKXS? It was easy. First, you are incredibly professional. Second, you understand our business. And finally, not only do we know you’ll help us meet our targets, but we know we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.”


What is one thing you’d want prospective clients to know about TKXS?
There’s more to us than meets the eye, in terms of the ways we can help you “create demand.” Tell us what you are looking to accomplish. We may offer solutions you weren’t originally seeking, but that will be highly effective in reaching or exceeding your objectives.


What is one thing you’d want current clients to know about TKXS?
You can count on us. When you face a hurdle or have a mountain to climb in reaching the market, we’ll not only roll up our sleeves to help you develop a strategy, we can execute on that strategy in a way that’s measurable and will generate a meaningful return.


What is the biggest problem facing clients today?
I often hear clients speak to challenges around agility and resources to respond, not just react, to what’s going on in their market. Agility to take action quickly and drive the right behaviors with their channel and end user customers. Resources such as data, people, process and technology that affords them the former. That’s why TKXS is committed to being nimble and agile, so we can deliver meaningful results in a changing environment.


Where do you see TKXS five years from now?
I believe we will remain at the forefront of demand creation solutions and marketing technologies as an even larger organization. I see us always delivering a high level of excellence with exceptional people — just more of them!


If we had a billboard outside our headquarters’ building, what would you want it to say?
We’ve got your back.

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