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14:31 With Heather McAllister

By TKXS Author on May 2, 2018

Meet Heather, client engagement director for TKXS’ healthcare practice group.14:31 was the time allotted, and also a reference to our address on West Morehead Street in Charlotte.

How long have you been with TKXS and what brought you here?
I think most people know that my brother (Scott Helm) works here. He and I didn’t normally talk about work at family gatherings, but a few years ago, when I was working for a pharma company, he mentions that he is building an app for a PAP (patient assistance program), and I was like, “You do that?” It was one of those situations where we never thought how our two worlds could collide. He put me in touch with Diana (Henderson), and the rest, as they say, is history.


What is your primary responsibility at TKXS?
As a senior account manager, I am charged not only with client program success, but with building strong and lasting client relationships.


What does TKXS do?
We enable sales and marketing efforts on behalf of clients. Specifically in the pharma space, we help our clients reach the physicians and physician offices that they find challenging to access for any number of reasons. In that way, we extend our client’s marketing reach — efficiently and effectively.


What is one thing you’d want prospective clients to know about TKXS?
We understand that there are things that are keeping you up at night, and we take those issues and problems very seriously. Our goal isn’t only to bring you on board, but to enhance your experience and work situation.


What is one thing you’d want current clients to know about TKXS?
We are constantly thinking about your programs. We work really well together inside these walls, and our entire organization — including people you’ve never met — is constantly evaluating your programs, trying to make them better and more effective, and to make your job easier.


What is the biggest problem facing marketers today?
Today’s marketers have a lot of options, making it a challenge to know how to most effectively allocate your budgets, which can result in a certain level of analysis paralysis.


Where do you see TKXS five years from now?
I think we are standing at the forefront of a really amazing next five years. Our merger with XSInc brings a lot of exciting opportunities for all of our clients. There is no question that we will lead the Ag vertical in our offerings, and we have an amazing opportunity to extend the breadth of our capabilities for our pharmaceutical clients. I’m excited to see where we will go.


If we had a billboard outside our headquarters’ building, what would you want it to say?
You know what I think would be great? In here, we are family. (Literally.)


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