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14:31 With Jack Ross

By TKXS Author on November 9, 2018

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Ross, TKXS founder & Chief Product Officer. 14:31 was the time allotted, and also a reference to our Charlotte street address — 1431 West Morehead Street.


Describe your role at TKXS 
Technically speaking, I’m chief product officer, heading up the development of products like Incent and Perfect Payments. On a larger scale, I grow TKXS, doing what I can to develop and execute strategies and products and solutions to make us more competitive and irresistible to clients in the industries we serve. We have the potential to be a formidable force in the industry.


What drew you into this business?
Unlike some of TKXS's other principals, my formal education wasn't in agriculture. I studied computer science engineering and earned a BSE degree. After graduation, though, I was more interested in marketing, so I went to work for a small ad agency with agriculture clients. With my database background, we were one of the first agencies to use data in direct marketing. One of our competitors was the agency Preston worked for. That's how we first got to know (and respect) each other. 


What would you want clients and prospects to know about TKXS? 
TKXS has exceptionally deep experience in industry verticals including ag, healthcare and manufacturing. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We are always looking for ways to work smarter. We are always looking at new technology and ways to be innovative, using new technology (in new ways) to address age-old issues with data management, data collection, program payments, whatever. It goes without saying, I hope, that all of this leads to ROI for our clients.


What would you want teammates to understand about TKXS? 
This merger of Technekes and XSInc is very exciting. Together, we have more opportunities together — more clients, more projects — than we ever had as two separate companies. There won’t be any wholesale changes, though. Our cultures are very similar — as alike as you could find in two different companies.


What about the merger has surprised you most? 
To be honest, I didn’t realize how aligned XSInc and Technekes would be. Seeing that, I’m disappointed we didn’t get together 10 years ago. Because we could have.


If you could go back and start your career all over again, what advice would you give yourself? 
There are so many ways to answer that. Maybe I could have gone to California – risked it all in the dot-com thing. But realistically, now that I see how TKXS is coming together, I wish I had had the maturity and confidence to consider it earlier.


Where do you see TKXS five years from now? 
I don’t like that question — I don’t want to set us up! But conservatively, how about I just say that TKXS will be a leader — we will be making a real and recognizable difference — in the ag data and demand creation space.


If we had a billboard outside our offices, what would it say? 
Always innovate. Taking advantage of all the opportunities here at TKXS – all the knowledge, all the desire, all the passion – will always lead to great results.

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