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Connecting. Yielding. Creating.

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Kathryn Lynn

Data Science Team Lead, TKXS

While Kathryn has an impressive educational and work background, she also has a gift for translating the complexities of data science (advanced statistics, modeling, algorithms, etc.) in terms that her TKXS' colleagues and clients can understand and relate to.

Posts by Kathryn Lynn

“Questioning” – The First Phase Of The Data Science Process

By | on Feb 04 2020 |   data

For a client, a data science project usually begins in one of two ways. One, the client says, “We ha[...]

Data Science: The Effort Behind The "Magic"

By | on Jul 18 2019 |   data

Data, I think we all agree, can be immensely powerful. Properly understood and applied, data can tra[...]

The Seven Essential Steps Of Data Science

By | on Jun 18 2019 |   data

As a data scientist, when I meet with new clients, I like to crowdsource the question: What do you t[...]