Picture of Kathryn Lynn

Kathryn Lynn

Data Science Team Lead, TKXS

While Kathryn has an impressive educational and work background, she also has a gift for translating the complexities of data science (advanced statistics, modeling, algorithms, etc.) in terms that her TKXS' colleagues and clients can understand and relate to.
“Questioning” – the first phase of the data science process
By Kathryn Lynn on February 4, 2020

For a client, a data science project usually begins in one of two ways. One, the client says, “We have this business situation, and we need help...

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Data science: the effort behind the "magic"
By Kathryn Lynn on July 18, 2019

Data, I think we all agree, can be immensely powerful. Properly understood and applied, data can transform a business, increase supply chain...

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The seven essential steps of data science
By Kathryn Lynn on June 18, 2019

As a data scientist, when I meet with new clients, I like to crowdsource the question: What do you think data science is?

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