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Giving The Elephant In The Room A Seat At The Table

By | on Jan 14 2019 |   marketing data quality demand creation

Marketing has come a long way in the past decade. Marketing pros have become more knowledgeable – go[...]

Take Five With Teddy Lupton

By | on Jan 10 2019 |

A senior customer operations specialist in our Raleigh office, Teddy's been with the company since 2[...]

What's Next For Pharma?

By | on Jan 09 2019 |   healthcare pharma marketing PAP

TKXS recently surveyed pharmaceutical marketers on areas of focus in 2019. Were we surprised by the [...]

Take Five With Jarrod Boucher

By | on Jan 03 2019 |

Jarrod Boucher (rhymes with "voucher"), an applications support analyst in the Charlotte office, has[...]

Take Five With Jan Piskacek

By | on Dec 20 2018 |

Jan Piskacek (pronounced Yawn Pis-kah-check) is a software engineer working on DCP (data collection [...]

Take Five With Jacki Wisler

By | on Dec 13 2018 |

Jacki Wisler (pronounced “whistler”) joined TKXS in September 2018 as our senior human resources bus[...]

Take Five With Kelly Clements

By | on Dec 06 2018 |

A TKXS marketing solutions owner based in Michigan, Kelly has been with the company since 2009.

15:00 With Bill Barton

By | on Nov 28 2018 |

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Bill Barton, TKXS founder & Chief Strategy Officer[...]

Take Five With Kevin Franey

By | on Nov 15 2018 |

Get to know Kevin Franey, Senior Vice President, Business Development Healthcare Practice Group.

14:31 With Jack Ross

By | on Nov 09 2018 |

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Ross, TKXS founder & Chief Product Officer. 1[...]