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Connecting. Yielding. Creating.

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TKXS Prepares For Future Growth

By | on Sep 10 2019 |

One year after successfully merging Technekes LLC and XSInc to form TKXS, the company is announcing [...]

Territory Coverage: Why Reps Can't Go It Alone

By | on Sep 09 2019 |   healthcare RepOnCall Territory coverage Vacant territories

Take Five With Sara Beaty

By | on Aug 06 2019 |   TKXS

A senior client engagement manager in our Charlotte office, Sara joined TKXS in 2018. 

Take Five With Katie Lee

By | on Jul 23 2019 |   company values Take Five TKXS

A client experience specialist, Katie Lee first started working with TKXS in 2010 and came on board [...]

TKXS: Data-Driven Innovation

By | on May 24 2019 |   ag marketing agriculture data collection agtech Thad Armbruster CIOReview EZTrak Jack Ross

This article was originally published in CIOReview and is reprinted here, in its entirety, with perm[...]

Take Five With Ashley Taylor

By | on May 09 2019 |   Corporate culture

Ashley Taylor joined our Charlotte office in 2008. Read her story here.

Take Five With Paula Hunter

By | on Apr 25 2019 |   Corporate culture

Paula Hunter joined TKXS as an intern in 2005 and has been “supporting people” ever since.

Take Five With TJ Vinson

By | on Apr 04 2019 |   Corporate culture

TJ Vinson, a client experience specialist, joined TKXS in 2018.

Take Five With Lindsay Huebler

By | on Mar 26 2019 |   Corporate culture mission statement company values

TKXS corporate controller Lindsay Huebler joined the company in 2018.

Take Five With Harry Albert

By | on Mar 07 2019 |   Corporate culture

Now senior vice president of business development, Harry Albert joined our Raleigh office in Novembe[...]