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Trials, not errors. Harvesttime with Cultivator™

By | on Sep 25 2018 |   agriculture data data collection field trials cultivator

A revolutionary approach to field trial data collection has clients eagerly anticipating this year's[...]

14:31 With Steve Amedio

By | on Sep 19 2018 |

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Amedio, CEO, at TKXS. 14:31 was the time all[...]

Take Five With Madhavi Patil

By | on Sep 19 2018 |

Meet Madhavi Patil, a senior software engineer in our Charlotte office.

Take Five With Ben Gist

By | on Sep 06 2018 |

Meet Ben Gist, a business development lead in our Raleigh office who has been with the company for n[...]

14:31 With Diana Henderson

By | on Jul 31 2018 |

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Diana Henderson, Senior Vice President, Client Ser[...]

14:31 With Scott Miner

By | on Jun 27 2018 |

Get to know Scott, director of TKXS’ UX (user experience) group. 14:31 was the time allotted, as wel[...]

All Hail The List

By | on Jun 20 2018 |   data ag marketing pharma marketing email marketing clean data

So you’re back home from this season’s “big show.” What's next?

15:00 With Fulton Breen

By | on Jun 13 2018 |

Fulton Breen, a founder and Chief People Officer of TKXS, talks briefly about why our merger is so p[...]

14:31 With Erin Faucette

By | on Jun 06 2018 |

Meet Erin, a marketing operations manager for TKXS and the event director for the annual All-In to F[...]

14:31 with Preston Fay

By | on May 23 2018 |

This month, we’re interviewing Preston Fay, TKXS' chief data officer and a founder of Technekes. 14:[...]