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Celebrating agriculture today and every day.

By Diana Henderson on March 5, 2020

When I started in this business nearly 15 years ago, I didn’t have much in the way of ag experience. But after a few weeks and many conversations —with ag manufacturers, sales reps, co-workers, and actual growers — it became obvious that working in agriculture is a labor of love.

The stakes are high, the weather uncontrollable, the labor intensive, and the rules ever-changing. The expense is enormous, the income unpredictable, and in the end, the effort underappreciated. Nevertheless, farmers stick with it. Not because they don’t have a choice, but because they do have a choice. They choose farming.


Agriculture is a calling

The pressures on farmers are enormous and pervasive. Futures are made and lost not only with obvious things like rainfall and temperatures, but with man made issues like legislation and foreign policies.

If it sounds as if I am passionate about agriculture, I am. But it’s not just me. It’s TKXS.


Rooted in agriculture

Let me give you an example. TKXS has a remarkably low turnover rate. So I was somewhat cautious when meeting with a prospective client who had hired a former TKXS employee. I opened the meeting with a general overview of TKXS — what we do, the data-driven programs we offer, and how we help our partners reach their potential. I then tried to express TKXS’ deep understanding and profound dedication to agriculture. Someone in the room immediately spoke up, basically saying, “We know.”

How could a company which had never worked with us possibly understand the extent of TKXS’ commitment to agriculture? You guessed it. The former TKXSer had made quite an impression and significant contributions in his time there — something his new co-workers attributed to the extensive training and perspective he received at TKXS.

TKXS’ commitment to agriculture is real and ongoing. The majority of my co-workers have ag experience. Many grew up on farms and studied agriculture in school. Many have ag certifications. Some only immersed themselves in the business upon arriving here. Others farm to this day.


A growing commitment

One thing we all share is an ongoing passion and empathy for the agriculture industry. We have celebrated those growers who achieve record yields, and have grieved for those who, for reasons beyond their control, can harvest only a percentage of their crop, while shouldering 100% of the expense.

At TKXS, we embrace our learning and compassion every day we come to work. We take pride in understanding where food comes from — how it goes from the field to our homes. Like so many other North Americans, we celebrated “The Food We Love” on Canada’s Agriculture Day last month, and we’ll celebrate how “Food Brings Everyone To The Table” here in the U.S. on National Ag Day, Tuesday, March 24.

Won’t you join us?




A creative leader with an unparalleled passion for client service, Diana has proven success in the marketing technology space and B2B verticals, particularly in agriculture. As executive vice president of our business development and client services team, Diana has an established track record of delivering increased sales and profitability.  



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