What if you could identify prescribers and clinics that are actively seeking information about your disease state and brand?
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Last year, when TKXS rolled out Intent™, an innovative behavioral analytics and response platform, we took great care to explain its features and benefits. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, in particular, were quick to see the potential. They immediately understood “why” they should incorporate the tool. For them, the question was “how.” This is the first in a series of articles elaborating on the many applications of behavioral analytics in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

Pharma marketing, like most marketing, has traditionally been a one-size-fits-all approach, with manufacturers seeking to increase sales by pushing messages out to a large audience of healthcare providers. What if, though, you could identify prescribers who are already interested in your medicine, as well as clinics that are currently seeking information about your specific disease state, and perhaps, your brand? Wouldn’t these prescribers warrant a different message from your team — a more laser-focused message — based on their level of interest? Why would you waste your customer’s precious engagement time asking if they are interested in a specific topic when you already know what content they have been consuming?

Wouldn’t it make sense to prioritize those prescribers who are already raising their hands?

At its essence, that is what behavioral analytics offers pharma marketers and sales teams — the chance to market to healthcare providers who want more information about your drug, so you can “strike while the iron is hot,” instantly responding to customers who are already virtually raising their hands, saying, “Tell me what I need to know to prescribe your brand.”

However, what prevents most pharma manufacturers from taking full advantage of behavioral analytics isn’t why. It’s how — how to incorporate this new tool into their current sales and marketing strategy.

Reach The Right Person With The Right Message Right Now.

To be clear, what we’re talking about here isn’t a sea shift. No one is suggesting that behavioral analytics replace traditional sales and marketing efforts. Behavioral analytics complements current sales and marketing efforts, allowing manufacturers to not only reach the right person with the right message, but to do so at the “right” time — the exact moment your prescribers are open to a response from you.

Over the last few years, several pharma manufacturers have tried implementing ‘trigger-based’ sales and marketing into their own institutions, often cobbling together their own solution — pulling creative from an ad agency, data management from another vendor, email delivery from another supplier, and so on — but with little success. With so many disconnected sources, effort and expense grows, along with the chances of error and oversight.

That’s the strength of Technekes’ Intent™ platform. Our solution is a complete behavioral analytics and response platform. Intent was built with the assumption that flexibility and integration are vital to success. The unique behavioral insights rendered by Intent are valuable, but they are exponentially more valuable because you can act on these insights in the moment  — cultivating and capturing customers just as they raise their hands. This pairing of insight and response allows you to maximize both sales and marketing.

I’ll elaborate more in future articles, but if you’re ready to “raise your hand,” I’m happy to set up an Intent™ demo at your convenience. I hope to hear from you soon.

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