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Harnessing The Power Of Who You Know

In a recent podcast with Jim Regan, CMO of MRP (Managed Resource Partners), TKXS CEO Steve Amedio discussed an unusual and effective tactic for growing a business. Here are five key takeaways from Harnessing The Power Of Who You Know.

employees have great connections
    1. Employees have great connections.
    2. All our business could be traced back to about half a dozen relationships.
    3. We didn’t have to find new targets. We had to pay close attention to our data, use intelligent tools, and follow through with good old-fashioned marketing.
    4. In this instance, the single most effective channel was to pick up the phone and just have a chat.
    5. Conversion rates are two and three times of what we typically see.

Listen to the podcast here.

MRP provides end-to-end marketing sales and software services, including a predictive behavioral analytics service marketed under the brand name Intent™ at TKXS.

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