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This month at TKXS

By TKXS Author on May 25, 2021



Track crop protection trends in-season

What could you achieve if you knew — in-seasonyour market share? What if you knew — with confidence — your competitors' market share? With actual, in-season grower data at their fingertips, our U.S. and Canadian clients always know exactly where they stand. More importantly, they stand positioned to make informed, in-season adjustments based on competitive pricing, sales and share changes.

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Animal Health

TKXS expands animal health business

Over the years, TKXS has made inroads with animal health clients. We’ve now done enough work to recognize that the industry has a real need for a trusted and proven partner like us. With that in mind, we’ve scaled up our abilities to deliver proven, data-driven solutions to the animal health market, with the guidance of industry pro, Bryan Armstrong. 

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Take Five

Winn Maddrey

“There are so many solutions to be found, so many ways to be creative and inclusive, when you take a moment to open your mind.”

Winn Maddrey
SVP of marketing and corporate communications

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Why the ag industry needs TELUS Ag

In a recent blog post, TKXS CEO Thad Armbruster shared his perspective on what’s next for agriculture, asking, "Are we facing an insurmountable challenge, or a massive opportunity? 

"We stand uniquely positioned to build and digitize a value chain from seed to fork where data can be accessed and flow seamlessly – informing, improving and delivering actionable insights. And along the way, we can feed the world."

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Case Study  

Expanded expertise and opportunities for TKXS clients

As part of TELUS Agriculture, TKXS can provide significantly expanded capabilities through our trusted and talented sister companies. For example, our data science team, having developed a promising model prior to bloom season, introduced our client to AgIntegrated (AGI). AGI was able to build an API connecting the client’s system with the TKXS model in time for the blooming event. Want to know more?  

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Serving others

Even as we continue working from home, TKXS is fulfilling our core values, including “Serve Others.” Most recently, we supported the Ronald McDonald House’s “Sport A Shirt, Share A Night” initiative, with all proceeds going to defray the cost of hosting RMH families. Want to see more? Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





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