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Mission (statement) accomplished.

By Fulton Breen on February 25, 2019

Crafting a mission statement.

In a recent blog post, I talked about the essential task of identifying, defining and reinforcing the corporate statements — mission, vision and values — that light the way to organizational and individual success in the workplace. Today, let me tell you how TKXS arrived at our mission statement:


Help our partners reach their potential.


Six simple words, right? But oh-so-much consideration. From the outset, we knew we wanted five things from our mission — for it to be inclusive, inspiring, relevant, memorable, and of course, accurate.

From there, we could have had a one-hour leadership powwow and hammered out something meeting those five criteria. But instead, we hit the pause button. We took an organizational pulse check.

We asked, we talked, we surveyed and discussed. We reflected and brainstormed and questioned and listened. We spoke out and teamed up (more about those later). Eventually, just as, in the hands of a patient sculptor, a sculpture reveals itself from a slab of marble, our mission revealed itself. Months after taking into consideration the perspective of many, many employees, our inclusive, inspiring, relevant, memorable, accurate statement revealed itself.


Help our partners reach their potential.


Everything TKXS does and all decisions we make come back to this singular goal. We help, we don't impose. We help our partners — including clients, colleagues and our community. We help our partners reach their potential, realizing that the abilities, needs and goalposts are unique for every company and individual. Our mission isn't to have you — our partner — reach parity. Our mission is to help you reach your potential.


Powerful way to start each workday, don’t you think?


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