Tracking in-season crop protection sales in North America.
By TKXS Author on July 23, 2020

In these very uncertain times, the majority of U.S. ag retailers know one thing for certain: They don’t have to wait ‘til next season for market...

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Take Five With Mariebeth Marsh
By TKXS Author on July 16, 2020

Mariebeth (pronounced “Mary Beth”) Marsh joined TKXS’ Raleigh office in April 2020 as marketing programs director.

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The game-changing effects of data science on agribusiness.
By TKXS Author on June 4, 2020

The way TKXS’ Chief Data Officer, Preston Fay, sees it, humankind has never before in the history of the world had so much access to so much data.

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Celebrating agriculture today and every day.
By Diana Henderson on March 5, 2020

When I started in this business nearly 15 years ago, I didn’t have much in the way of ag experience. But after a few weeks and many conversations...

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New to marketing automation? Five first steps.
By TKXS Author on February 11, 2020

So you’ve got a new marketing automation system? Congrats! Not sure what to do next? You’re not alone.

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“Questioning” – the first phase of the data science process
By Kathryn Lynn on February 4, 2020

For a client, a data science project usually begins in one of two ways. One, the client says, “We have this business situation, and we need help...

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A better way to conduct ag field trials in 2020
By Ben Gist on January 28, 2020

As you wrapped up last season’s field trials programs, I’m betting you had the same thought as so many other field trials managers: There has got...

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Women: making a difference in the field
By Diana Henderson on October 22, 2019

I was grateful for the dialog that came about from my recent blog post, Women: Changing The Face Of Agriculture.

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Take Five With Asia Moore
By TKXS Author on October 15, 2019

Asia, a senior customer operations specialist, joined our Raleigh office full time in 2017. Read her story here.  

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Take Five With Lindsay Wicker
By TKXS Author on September 17, 2019

Lindsay, a TKXS client experience manager, joined us in 2011, and with the exception of a month-long "sabbatical," has been here ever since!  

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