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So what does your company do?

By Fulton Breen on March 12, 2019

The third in a four-post series from our chief people officer, Fulton Breen, telling how TKXS arrived at our guiding corporate statements.

TKXS is a complex organization. We're doing some of the most complex work in the industry, led by some of the most brilliant minds between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. But while we’re doing very sophisticated work, our job is to make things simple. Or at a minimum, to make things simple for our clients.

But how in the world do we come up with a quick explanation for what we do? In other words, how do we explain to friends and family what our company does?  

Fortunately, we weren’t starting from scratch. Each of our legacy companies had already done the hard work of coming up with a pared-down, elegant elevator pitch, explaining what we do. In Raleigh, XSInc connected data and yielded results. In Charlotte, Technekes created demand.

Together, we went through the same efforts as when identifying our mission statement. For months, we bounced ideas around and brainstormed. We listened and lobbied. Even then, it took us a while to recognize—and accept—the obvious.

TKXS connects data,

yields results, and creates demand.

Mic drop.

Now on to the hardest—and most inspiring—part, identifying and defining TKXS’ values. More to come.


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