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Take Five With Missy Cline

By TKXS Author on October 3, 2018

Missy’s been with the Raleigh office for eight years and has two primary roles, both as a QA Lead and Scrum Master (working with the Cultivator team) and spearheading the TKXS culture workstream, working with Erin Zegar in the Charlotte office to define, develop and nurture our corporate values. Enjoy this opportunity to get to know her better!

1. What five words best describe you at work?
Passionate, detail oriented, supportive, engaged, and fun-loving


2. What do you do to relax?
Scuba-diving is my passion. I’m also very much into meditation. Between diving and meditation, I get to indulge myself in another way – traveling. The dive shop near my house plans a lot of group travel – all around the world. I also travel for spiritual purposes. On one trip to Brazil, I met up with a group with whom I continue to travel. We’ve recently been to Sedona and last month, to a retreat at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.


3. What’s your favorite book or movie?
There are two movies that come to mind. Even though Jaws is a “horror movie,” I love it! As a diver, I am drawn to water and sea life. Most people want to run when someone yells “Shark!” but scuba divers say, “Suit up!” With that said, my favorite movie of all time is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s a holiday tradition in our house and we can pretty much recite the movie word for word. We even have the glass moose mugs for our eggnog!

There’s no way I could name a favorite book because I love too many. As much as I love Audible, there’s something about having a true paper copy of a book in your hand. I take pride in my personal home library which houses all of my favorites which I have in print. Stephen King is my favorite author of all time, so I have most of his collection. The author that inspires me the most at this particular moment is Rebecca Campbell, whose workshop I went too earlier this month at Omega. Her books Rise Sister Rise and Light is the New Black are true inspirations to find your souls purpose and follow it. She also has an amazing Oracle deck called Work Your Light.


4. What are people surprised to learn about you?
People probably know about my diving and travel adventures, but not many people know that I’ve been learning about the healing energy of gemstones and crystals. In addition, I’m interested in various forms of energy healing practices. I’ve already attained a Reiki Level 1 certification and am interested in studying more energy healing modalities in the near future.


5. What advice would you give a new TKXS employee?
Get engaged in our culture and volunteer for committees. The best part of TKXS is our people, so the more you can engage with coworkers, the more you’re going to enjoy working here.

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