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Take Five with Bryan Armstrong

By TKXS Author on October 28, 2020

Bryan Armstrong, VP business development, joined TKXS earlier this month to lead our animal health initiative. He brings a decade’s worth of direct experience in animal health, most recently with Merck as the national strategic account manager for corporate accounts, where he honed his customer-centric reputation. When he’s not working on TKXS’ go-to-market strategy in preparation for a formal rollout (stay tuned!), Bryan and his wife enjoy traveling and coaching a high school team of clay target shooters. 

1.    What is your role at TKXS?

Ultimately, my goal is to represent our company, educate prospective clients about our capabilities, and identify opportunities for those clients. The animal health vertical – particularly sales ops – is constantly being pressured to cut spending and increase profitability. By creating strategic partnerships, we can create value for them. As we help them grow their business, we will grow with them.

2.    What drew you to this business?

First, I have a passion for helping clients grow their businesses. And I’m proud to be part of an industry that helps farmers and ranchers get food on the table. But more specifically, on the animal health side, studies indicate that animals – companion animals in particular – can play a role in quality of life. More than research, I know this from personal experience. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, she wanted to get a dog. I was traveling a good bit then, and was hesitant about the responsibility, but of course, I agreed. And what a difference it made. I could see how having a companion animal can change a person’s life. Our dog, Remington, really eased Terri’s anxieties and helped her get through some challenging times. 

3.    What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career?

Don’t be afraid to wear your passion on your sleeve. When I was younger, I’d hold back some of the passion I felt about my work, thinking it might hinder my progress. But now, I look back and think that not sharing actually deprived the people around me. Now, I look at passion as something contagious. When you have it, everyone around you – leaders, employees, co-workers, whatever – will catch it. 

4.    What do you want people to know about TKXS?

Having a partnership is the pinnacle of business relationships. When our animal health clients choose to join TKXS, I want them to know that they’re not just choosing a transactional partner, they’re choosing a strategic partner – a partner who will bring clarity and simplicity to complex problems. We will have common vision, strategy, and values. And we will communicate. 

5.  If we had a billboard outside our offices, what would it say?

When you’re successful, we’re successful. The way I see it, everyone I interact with is a customer, whether a client or counterpart or employee or manager. What’s made me successful is putting customers first. Putting the goals of others ahead of our own – helping them out and lifting them up – is how we build relationships. 

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