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Take Five With Kyle Johnston

By TKXS Author on February 12, 2019

As TKXS' VP of operations, Kyle focuses on strategic planning, goal-setting and directing TKXS’ operations to support our goals and visions. He’s also unique in that he splits his time between our two North Carolina offices, to identify best practices in each office and present opportunities for us to take the best from each world.


1. What drew you to this business?
When I came to TKXS in 2004, I was intrigued by working in an industry (ag) that the whole world relies on. I also loved that TKXS was on the cutting edge of integrating technology into that industry. Then, when I came in and interviewed with five different people, I could see that this is a special place.


2. What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career?
I wish people had told me that it’s okay to fail. The goal isn’t perfection; the goal is to embrace a dream and drive toward it. When you do, you can continuously improve – and celebrate your successes.


3. What do you do to relax?
When I’m not working, I’m doing one of two things. Most of time, I'm with my wife and two-year-old son. We spend a lot of time outside – in our yard, at parks, and hiking in the woods. When I get personal time, you can find me on two wheels. I’m an avid cyclist and race on a team. I race and ride Mountain Bike, Cyclocross and Road with a focus on the MTB and CX. It’s kind of crazy to say that I push myself to the limit to relax, but biking is truly a life-centering activity for me.


4. Do you have a favorite book or movie?
My favorite book and movies are tied together. My favorite book is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K. Dick, which was turned into the movies Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. I’m not really a sci-fi nerd, but I love sci-fi that’s well done. It’s a little surprising. Although I’m generally pretty bubbly and upbeat, I’m drawn to films noir, where you have to think and consider alternative worlds and how the actions we take now may have devastating effects on our future. Movies like these tap into a side of me that isn’t evident on the surface.


5. What do you want people to know about TKXS?
TKXS is not your average software and marketing company. Our ownership team has created an environment unlike any I have ever worked in. Not only are we the gold standard for turning clients' data into something insightful and actionable, but we are immersed in our culture. We live our values. They define us. When you understand the values of your company the way we do, you can make good decisions based on the greatest good, which leads to stronger partnerships and relationships. This is a company I want to work for. What we do makes me want to stay.

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