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Take Five with Rachel Casey

By TKXS Author on May 18, 2021

Rachel Casey, senior payroll and human resources specialist, joined TKXS about two years ago, working out of the Raleigh, North Carolina office. After graduating from Purdue University, she chose not to follow classmates to Chicago or Indianapolis, but instead chose Raleigh largely due to its weather and proximity to the mountains and the beach. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking with her husband and volunteering at a local dog shelter.

1.    What is your role at TKXS?

I run payroll and assist with other HR-related processes. I’m also one of the project leads doing implementation and testing for our upcoming TELUS Agriculture human resources system. Our plan is to go live in October.


2.    What drew you to this business?

I grew up around agriculture. We lived in Indiana, my dad worked at NuFarm for 30 years, and I went to Purdue University, a global leader in agriculture. However, I didn’t study agriculture. I majored in law and society, with a minor in forensic science. After working in a coroner’s office and then, for the Purdue Homeland Security Institute, I wanted something a little less stressful. I pivoted to human resources. When the opportunity at TKXS came up, I started looking at all those agricultural client names and logos I knew so well and thought, this is a great fit.

3.    What advice do you wish you’d been given early in your career?

Speak Out. Seriously, before I worked at TKXS, I was accustomed to being given a task and then doing it without question. No one wanted to hear my advice or opinions, so I didn’t offer them. Here, my managers want to hear what I have to say. They encourage me to “Speak Out.” It’s really helped me grow my confidence.

4.    What do you want people to know about TKXS?

This really is a great place to work. People genuinely care about you. They ask about your life outside of work. Also, everyone here is very approachable – which is refreshing. That’s not the case at every company.

5.  If we had a billboard outside our offices, what would it say?

Your ideas are welcome here.

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