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The argument for direct mail

By Winn Maddrey on May 16, 2018

Some marketers wonder whether direct mail has reached a point of diminishing returns. While direct marketing has been eclipsed by online and digital as the “darling” of 21st century marketers, fading popularity is no reason to drop this essential channel from your mix.

Before kicking direct marketing to the curb, though, ask yourself a few questions:


Do you have email addresses for every customer on your target list?

Probably not. But do you have a mailing address? Probably. And that mailing address not only lets you reach those targets, but also provides a way for acquiring email addresses.


Have you ever opened an email — and then, completely forgot about it?

We all have. Email can have the lifespan of a fruitfly. See it, click it, respond to it, or forget it. Direct mail, on the other hand — particularly relevant and provocative and well-designed direct mail — might linger on your customer’s desktop for days or weeks — a constant reminder and “touch.”


How many emails compete for your attention every day?

At the same time customers are feeling bombarded by emails, they’re receiving fewer and fewer direct mails, making it easier for yours to stand out.


How do your customers prefer to be contacted?

Gone are the days of marketers’ preferences, consumers now want to be contacted as they prefer, and quite a few of them strongly prefer direct mail over email.


Do you want your customers to feel valued?

Everyone — including your customers — knows that an email campaign is cheaper than a direct mail campaign. When you reach out to customers with a tangible communication — whether on corporate letterhead, or handwritten, or beautifully designed — you let them know that they are valued and important to you.


Is there a “one-size-fits-all” marketing channel?

Of course not. Different channels accomplish different campaign objectives. At TKXS, our integrated campaigns often begin with phone outreach, then are fulfilled by email and direct mail. Not only does each channel achieve different goals, but the campaign results are far more than the sum of the parts. Each channel “lifts” the other, maximizing campaign ROI.

Our goal at TKXS is always to recommend the best channel(s) for the job — “trending” or not. Wondering where old-fashioned direct marketing might fit into your next campaign? Give us a call. We’ve been incorporating direct mail into our clients’ multi-channel marketing efforts for nearly two decades, and we’d love to harness its effectiveness for you.

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