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TKXS is now officially part of TELUS Agriculture

By TKXS Author on November 12, 2020
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Helping Agri-Businesses reach their potential 

When your customers are measured in hectares and acres, you need solutions tailored to meet the needs across Agri-Business. 

TKXS’ specialized software, program management and data solutions deliver critical information to Agri-Businesses, improving customer understanding, uncovering opportunities for growth. This enables Agri-Businesses to focus on their operations instead of technology solutions to meet their unique needs. 

Whether it’s delivering promotional programs, market insights, channel fulfillment or customer management systems, TKXS understands customer needs, and knows how to access the information that will best serve them. Leveraging this information, Agri-Businesses can more easily reach their goals, supported by TKXS’ proven track record of delivering bottom-line results.

With TELUS Agriculture, TKXS will continue to build solutions tailored to the agriculture value chain and the unique needs of individual players. Focusing on helping businesses to operate more efficiently, bringing new upstream information sources, integration and custom development capabilities to support their growth.

Learn more about how TELUS Agriculture is tackling the challenge of feeding the world, while improving food quality and safety, through technology innovation and human compassion.

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