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Trials, not errors. Harvesttime with CultivatorSuite Trials.

By TKXS Author on September 25, 2018

A revolutionary approach to field trial data collection has clients eagerly anticipating this year's harvest. 


Harvesttime – which has already begun in some parts of the South – is far and away the busiest time of year for North American farmers. As for ag manufacturers – their product managers, R&D departments, marketing departments and teams responsible for developing, introducing and testing fungicides, herbicides and all of the other inputs essential for crop production  it’s also an exciting time.

At harvesttime, ag product manufacturers finally learn the results of their costly field trials. Or more accurately, it’s when they hope to learn field trial results. Because the unpleasant reality is that – precisely because this is a grower’s busiest time of year – much of that data may never be collected.

At TKXS, we’ve heard researchers report data collection rates of as low as 15-20%. Collection rates of 30-35% are commonplace. How is an analyst to trust results with collection rates so low?

Field trial managers know that harvests aren’t the only things bountiful at this time of year. Field trial protocol can be brushed aside for any number of reasons. As TKXS business development lead, Ben Gist points out, “It’s hard to expect a farmer to make data collection a priority when he’s rushing to get the beans in before a storm.  Accurate data can’t be analyzed when no one had time to calibrate the combine. It’s unreasonable to expect a grower to remember which fields were treated – and with what – when everyone is tired and hungry and there’s still corn to get in the bin.”

These are just a few of the reasons TKXS developed CultivatorSuite Trials – our global field trials data collection platform.

“Our CultivatorSuite Trials clients aren’t crossing their fingers at harvesttime,” Ben continues. “They know that protocol has been followed. They know data will be collected. And while they may not know the results – they know that they’ll be collecting more complete trial data – and they’ll be able to trust the results. Just as important, those results will give them a reason – and real reason – to engage with and have meaningful conversations with growers
going forward.”


More details about this revolutionary approach to field trial data collection are included in this quick video, Introducing CultivatorSuite Trials, an innovative solution for collecting field trials data. But if you’d like more details, give Ben a call at 919.379.3537. He can set up a demo, so next year, your field trials have every chance to succeed.



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