You know it’s coming. Inevitably — at whatever time and for whatever reason — one of your sales territories will soon be left vacant.

So what is the best way to deal with this uncertain certainty?

How to avoid losing revenue in vacant pharma territories.

Our clients tell us that, for every month a territory is left uncovered, they stand to lose 6% in sales. And remember, that’s just one month. Let’s say the territory is exposed for two months — which is likely if your rep is out on maternity leave or FMLA. Now, you’re looking at 12%. And what if you’re hiring a new rep — which might take three months, or even longer? You don’t need me to do the math.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers face these inevitabilities year ‘round. And until now, they may feel they haven’t had many options for filling the gap.

What’s wrong with the “old” solutions

Yes, they could simply leave the territory open, but that means leaving it “open” to the competition until the rep returns or a replacement is found. They might scramble to find a temporary “patch,” asking reps who are already stretched to the max to cover bits of the exposed territory, leaving their own territories vulnerable. They might even hire a call center, risking those hard-won, personal prescriber relationships by entrusting them to impersonal callers.

Pharmaceutical marketers — not to mention the healthcare providers they serve — deserve a better option.

What’s right with TKXS’ solution.

TKXS’ RepOnCall platform addresses vacant territory situations exactly like these. Our virtual reps stand ready to step into nearly any situation, quickly reaching out to your prescribers and filling the vacancy void. More important, our reps are experts, highly trained in your disease state and with proven, successful track records of working with and retaining prescribers like yours.

RepOnCall delivers proven results.

Consider this example. A large pharmaceutical manufacturer faced a sudden vacancy in a particularly volatile geography. And coincidentally, the manufacturer was also holding a national contest among its field sales team, to increase NRx share month over month. But more about that later.

Within one week of the vacancy, RepOnCall established a virtual sales specialist with specific disease state experience for a three-month period. Our specialist quickly reached out to prescribers in the territory — not an impossible chore, seeing that, on average, a RepOnCall might speak to 50–60 offices a day, covering territories of 800–1,000 prescribers. And here’s where the manufacturer’s contest comes into play. The newly established RepOnCall garnered an NRx share change of 6.1% in the second month of territory coverage — winning the contest for that month.

Here’s another recent example. A manufacturer partnered with us to have RepOnCall’s certified virtual pharmaceutical representatives preemptively manage vacant territories for one year. Not only did the territories not lose revenue, the manufacturer actually saw a $760,000 revenue increase over the 12-month period.

Why RepOnCall works.

There are a number of reasons the RepOnCall program is so successful in vacant territory situations. One, we can deploy quickly — much more quickly than even a temporary replacement can be found and trained. Two, our reps are pros, understanding how to engage with your entire base, from receptionists to nurses to physicians. You can rely on RepOnCall to maintain and retain your base and in many cases, grow your revenue. And three, RepOnCall is designed to allow for an easy and successful transition back to your field rep — on your schedule.

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