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Why the agriculture industry needs a partner like TELUS.

By Thad Armbruster on February 17, 2021

It’s been a whirlwind few months since the launch of TELUS Agriculture, and I am more convinced than ever that the timing could not have been better. TKXS and the agriculture industry needed a partner like TELUS.

I’ve been in agriculture for 20+ years, and in that time, pressure in the industry has been mounting. Farmers are being asked to increase production – yield more bushels per acre, more milk per cow, etc. – to feed a growing world population, all while working with diminishing supplies of farmable land and water.

At the same time, consumers are more discerning than ever. They want to know where their food is coming from, how it’s made, how it’s handled, and understandably so. As the industry raises its standards, consumers expect even more, seeking even higher quality, better service, stronger sustainability programs, and again, understandably so.


What’s next for the agriculture industry.

So now, we need to ask ourselves:

1. Are we facing an insurmountable challenge?

2. Or are we facing a massive opportunity?

With the backing of TELUS Agriculture, TKXS sees this as a massive opportunity. We’re not building equipment. We’re not manufacturing input products. We’re addressing a more consequential industry problem. Data.

If you’re not in agriculture, you might not realize how sophisticated the industry is. Data abounds. It exists with manufacturers and retailers and farmers. It exists within shipping companies and grocery stores and restaurants. Agricultural data – agri-business data, agri-food data, consumer goods and retail data – is seemingly everywhere.

Agricultural data – agri-business data, agri-food data, consumer goods and retail data – is seemingly everywhere.

But in many ways, it’s nowhere, because it can’t be reached or leveraged. A retailer may have a list of potential buyers, but no email addresses by which to reach them. A crop protection manufacturer might know precisely how much of a particular crop protection product was purchased, but no idea how much of that product was applied. A farmer might know which fungicide is most effective, but not how to apply for maximum cost efficiencies.


Enter TELUS Agriculture.

With TELUS Agriculture, TELUS hand-picked a diverse group of industry players – including TKXS and with more to come – to bring a complete meal to the agricultural table. And together, we’re doing it the way TELUS does everything – with proven communication expertise. Innovative technology. Social capitalism. And unwavering commitment.

I can think of no more noble or satisfying mission than the one we are on as TELUS Agriculture.

We stand on the precipice of something great here. United as TELUS Agriculture, we stand strong – currently with over 1,200 employees in 50 countries around the world and more to come. We stand uniquely positioned to build and digitize a value chain from seed to fork where data can be accessed and flow seamlessly – informing, improving and delivering actionable insights. And along the way, we can feed the world.

I can think of no more noble or satisfying mission than the one we’re on – and I’m excited to think that our clients can go along with us and share in our success.


As TKXS' CEO, Thad inspires clients and colleagues to achieve their potential by taking full advantage of technology, tools and relationships. His perspective on modern agriculture is unwavering:  Future success hinges on technology.



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