CultivatorSuite AgVeritas


Maximize Yield. Analyze Field Trial Data With Laser Precision and Know What Works

CultivatorSuite AgVeritas helps growers get more from their fields by analyzing multiple field characteristics and management practices, to identify with unprecedented accuracy and speed, the key performance drivers impacting yield and profitability. With CultivatorSuite AgVeritas, manufacturers can prove product effectiveness while retailers and crop consultants can confidently recommend products which deliver results.


Increase Profitability. See Where Treatments And Practices Perform Best

An easy-to-use tool, CultivatorSuite AgVeritas transforms large volumes of field trial data into actionable insights through visually compelling reports, detailed maps, graphs and charts. Efficient and smart, CultivatorSuite AgVeritas shows growers areas within a field where a product will be most effective, as well as the best application rates to meet or exceed field production goals.

Perform In-Depth Analyses That Inform Decisions

Improve accuracy and reliability by using spatial statistics to analyze thousands of yield data points.

Query Data And Create Reports On-Demand

Track product performance across a variety of field conditions and generate custom reports proving product efficacy.

Leverage Insights To Increase Production And Profitability

Create targeted custom prescriptions for each field identifying which inputs are needed, where, and in what quantities.


CultivatorSuite AgVeritas: Administer Trials And Analyze Data With Ease

  • Equip customers with product potential for specific fields
  • Produce detailed and visually engaging reports on demand
  • Support sales claims with localized data
  • Empower sales and marketing to run queries
  • Retain and share product insights

Collect More Field Trial Data, Improve Product Performance, And Increase Yield

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AgVeritas is part of CultivatorSuite, a collection of data-driven ag tools that support, manage and optimize product field trials for crops, animals and seeds.