CultivatorSuite Production


Meet Demand. Plan Seed Production Quickly, Simply And Accurately

Create seed production plans based on sales forecasts and understand in real-time and in-season, whether plans are on-target for meeting goals. CultivatorSuite Production, a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool, helps you manage every aspect of seed production so you can make data-informed decisions throughout the process, from planning and contracts to delivery and settlements.


Optimize Seed Production Processes To Increase Savings And Efficiencies

Don't rely on outdated and complex spreadsheets. With CultivatorSuite Production, you can create and share plans that account for more of the variables that impact production. Simple and intuitive, CultivatorSuite Production allows your team to track seed production and trends 24/7, and so you know how much each field is producing and adjust plans accordingly.

Manage Workflows With Speed And Flexibility

Plan fields, develop timelines, and manage workflows from harvest to storage. Get automated alerts for deadlines, thresholds and other critical information.

Maintain Accurate And Up-To-Date Contracts

Ensure seed is delivered only to contracted growers. Edit agreements online, and instantly add parameters for reporting and tracking.

Manage Field Inspections And Maintain Compliance

Communicate, schedule, and monitor stewardship and production compliance processes. Track which fields and facilities are in compliance.


CultivatorSuite Production: Manage Seed Production From End-To-End

  • Centralize access to farm operations
  • Manage information and activities of multiple contributors/users
  • Measure ongoing results and compliance with stewardship and processing requirements
  • Make purchases based on current yield and demand, costs- of-goods, and contractual obligations
  • Gain visibility into production programs including planting status, field visits, estimated yields, weight tickets and delivery status

Take Control Of Your Seed Production Program

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CultivatorSuite Production is part of a collection of data-driven ag tools that support, manage and optimize production, yield and trials for crops, animals and seeds.