CultivatorSuite® Trials


A Comprehensive Solution For Managing Trials and Generating Reports On-Demand

CultivatorSuite Trials transforms volumes of historic and current trial data into an easy-to-query database so you can produce beautiful and engaging graphic reports on-demand. A revolutionary way to manage trials, this TKXS solution ensures all data is standardized, improving its searchability, use and value. In addition, CultivatorSuite Trials follows all protocols so data and insights gleaned are accurate and reliable.


Take Control Of Data For A Greater Return On Trial Investments.

With CultivatorSuite Trials, anyone in your organization with permission can run a query and instantly generate a visually compelling report with maps, graphs and charts. User-friendly and versatile, CultivatorSuite Trials offers language localization and unit conversions, making it a go-to source for actionable insights on trials around the world.

Ensure Trial Protocol Is Followed

Improve accuracy and reliability throughout the season with auto-generated reminders, ensuring all data is collected, complete and standardized.

Query Data And Create Reports On-Demand

Monitor trials, conduct queries, and instantly generate custom reports featuring standardized and geo-specific local data.

Gain a Single View of Multiple Trials

Compare multiple trials and track their progress via an engaging data dashboard that provides convenient centralized access to all trial data.


CultivatorSuite Trials: Administer Trials And Analyze Data With Ease

  • Compile and standardize all research data
  • Track the value of trials and increase their ROI
  • Equip customers with product potential for specific fields
  • Produce detailed and visually engaging reports on-demand
  • Support sales claims with localized data
  • Empower sales and marketing to run queries
  • Retain and share product insights

Collect And Manage Trial Data, Generate Reports On-Demand, And Increase ROI.

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CultivatorSuite Trials is part of a collection of data-driven AG tools that support, manage and optimize product field trials for crops, animals and seeds.