Customer Support


Connect With Customers Across All Channels

Increase customer satisfaction and build rewarding long-term relationships with TKXS Customer Support. With our high-tech approach, you can track, prioritize, and manage inbound and outbound customer interactions on every channel, from phone and chat, to email, social networks and beyond. This scalable solution makes it easy to monitor customer relationships, leverage insights, and quickly meet demands.


Improve Efficiencies And Customer Satisfaction

When you centralize your approach to customer support, your team can follow the conversation across channels. When you can instantly see and understand the context of a customer’s outreach, you have opportunities to reduce repetition, frustration and time-to-resolution, while increasing agent and customer happiness.

Create Friction-Free Customer Experiences

Improve customer support efficiency and allow customer conversations to flow seamlessly across channels.

Use Customer Intelligence To Improve Results

Customer insights empower teams to set service benchmarks and enhance the outcomes of interactions.

Enhance Productivity And Brand Loyalty

Have customer conversations that are personal, informed, efficient and productive.


Customer Support: Monitor And Strengthen Interactions

  • Support customers across all channels
  • Leverage data to drive personal and rewarding interactions
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Gain a single view of customer interactions
  • Prepare for customer requests
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty

Build Rewarding, Long-Term Relationships

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Customer Support is part of the TKXS Demand Creation services, which include Lead Generation, RepOnCall, Multi-Channel Marketing and Incentive Program Management.