Business Intelligence That Delivers Measurable Results

Communicate the right message to the right prospect at the right time with Intent, powered by TKXS. With Intent, you can identify prospects and accounts researching online content relevant to your brand. Then, you can respond with display campaigns driving them to your site, and ultimately, to purchase.


Know Which Prospects And Accounts Are Most Interested

Take advantage of the relationship between customer engagement, brand views and sales. With Intent's powerful combination of personalized and relevant account-based marketing (ABM), predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, you can track qualified prospects, prioritize interactions, and provide valuable information, prompting engagement and sales.

Know How Desirable Targets Search And Consume Web Content

Monitor relevant research activity of target accounts on public websites, and prioritize highly-qualified prospects.

Understand How Customers And Prospects Engage With Your Site

Track activity of targets on your site(s), understand which sections are triggering action, and adjust display campaigns accordingly.

Deliver The Right Message Every Time

Increase click-throughs and sales by triggering display ads to target accounts based on content consumption.


Intent: Focus On Prospects Showing The Greatest Interest

  • Identify opportunities in your market
  • Understand where targets are in the decision process
  • Connect with prospects and accounts already showing interest
  • Know where targets are located
  • Understand how visitors use your site
  • Deliver relevant display ads

Use Business Intelligence to Market More Effectively

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Intent is part of the TKXS Demand Creation services, which include Lead Generation, Customer Support, Multi-Channel Marketing and RepOnCall.