Multi Channel Marketing


Boost Engagement And Sales Through Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing

Reaching modern buyers and influencers requires a strategic and integrated multi-channel marketing strategy. TKXS' comprehensive and data-driven approach lets you take full advantage of actionable insights from analytics to connect with customers and prospects on their preferred channels of communication. Highly relevant and effective, our campaigns resonate with decision-makers and motivate them to buy.


Connect With Key Decision-Makers On Every Level

An efficient and economical solution, TKXS' inbound and outbound virtual reps execute highly targeted multi-channel campaigns on your behalf. With deep industry experience and informed by insights derived from your data, we provide a seamless multi-channel experience, building brand loyalty through friction-free interactions.

Reach New Customers And Rekindle Dormant Accounts

Increase sales and interactions by adding more channels to your marketing campaign strategy and connecting with customers on their terms.

Create A Seamless Customer Experience

Deliver timely and targeted campaigns that speak to customers unique interests.

Engage Customers Through a Variety of Channels

Reach more customers by using a diverse mix of channels, from SMS and voice, to email, chat, social media and beyond.


Multi-Channel Marketing: Create a Winning Customer Experience

  • Connect with customers across all channels
  • Represent your brand with highly trained inbound and outbound virtual representatives
  • Reach targets through their preferred channels of communication
  • Drive engagement with highly effective personalized campaigns
  • Connect marketing messages to business goals
  • Invest in channels delivering the greatest ROI

Increase Sales With Data-Driven Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

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Multi-Channel Marketing is part of the TKXS Demand Creation services, which include Lead Generation, Customer Support, RepOnCall and Incentive Program Management.