Pharma Coaching


Improve Brand Adherence or Clinical Trial Effectiveness

The Pharma Coaching platform tracks patient compliance and increases the effectiveness, results and value of clinical trials or post-clinical therapy via a powerful combination of multi-channel communications and highly-trained patient coaches (nurses, practitioners, therapists, nutritionists, etc.). Fast and efficient, our coaching platform communicates with patients between doctor visits and equips healthcare providers (HCPs) and manufacturers with real-time insights.


Therapy Adherence Leads to Better Outcomes

Whether a therapy is approved for use or in clinical trial, therapy adherence, or lack thereof, has a crucial impact on outcomes. Lack of adherence is driven by a multitude of factors, many of which can be avoided with consistent and timely patient interaction. By providing scheduled outreach, as well as on-demand accessibility to informed coaches, our coaching platform empowers patients and supports adherence through connectedness.

Real-Time Patient Insights

Know where patients fall in the continuum of adherence. Identify adherence-risk patients and intervene with support.

Create Stronger Patient Relationships

Help patients feel connected, supported and empowered to stay on therapy by providing highly-trained coaches.

Tailored Communication

Communicate with each patient in his or her preferred channel and with relevant and timely messaging.


Increase Adherence With Seasoned Virtual Coaches

  • Connect patients, physicians, coaches and product stakeholders
  • Communicate with patients through their preferred channels
  • Build stronger and more rewarding prescriber relationships
  • Enhance the patient experience and treatment journey
  • Increase patient participation and reduce drop-outs

Get Better Outcomes
Through Greater Adherence

Discuss Healthcare Coaching

TKXS' coaching platform can be deployed on behalf of most brands. Schedule time to talk about your brand's particular needs.