Inside Sales


Increase Sales And Productivity With Experienced Professionals

Reach out to customers and prospects with Inside Sales, virtual sales professionals who are highly-experienced in your industry. Already knowledgeable and skilled in speaking your customers' language, an Inside Sales team can be trained in your brand and begin making calls on your behalf in a matter of weeks.


Expand Your Horizons, Support Sales Teams And Keep Customers Happy

Inside Sale's seasoned virtual sales professionals boast an average of 11+ years of industry experience. With a proven ability to "talk the talk," our virtual reps can quickly step in to cover territory absences, set up appointments for sales teams, tackle new territories, and provide samples and other materials. You'll accomplish more with TKXS' Inside Sales.

Equip Sales With More High-Quality Leads

Each Inside Sales can reach multiple prospects per month (up to 750), providing your sales teams with warm leads and appointments.

Reach Elusive Customers And Prospects

Unlimited by geography, your Inside Sales team is passionately committed to reaching targets via phone, email, text or direct mail.

Cover Territories Quickly

With Inside Sales on your team, you can minimize downtime and remain competitive.


RepOnCall: Extend Your Brand With Seasoned Virtual Reps

  • Generate leads and set appointments for sales teams
  • Ensure territories are covered during absences
  • Conduct more calls and reach tough targets
  • Enter new markets and territories
  • Introduce products and share product information

Support Sales Teams and Expand Your Reach

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RepOnCall is part of the TKXS Demand Creation services, which include Lead Generation, Customer Support, Multi-Channel Marketing, and Incentive Program Management.