Charlotte, NC – As part of its stated mission of helping partners achieve their potential, TKXS has rolled out a new, enhanced website. The new site, detailing the company’s extensive line of technology and data-driven platforms and solutions, details TKXS’ innovative approach and leadership team and reinforces its industry expertise in the agriculture, B2B, healthcare and industrial verticals.

“One of our biggest challenges was how to communicate the sheer depth and breadth of TKXS’ services,” says Winn Maddrey, senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Navigation was key. Our UX team put considerable effort into creating an elegant look and flow that’s easy for readers to navigate by industry and by solution.”

With offices in Raleigh and Charlotte, as well as a Canadian office in Guelph, Ontario, TKXS applies innovative solutions and services to bridge the gaps between people, data and sales, maximizing client productivity and profitability.

“No other provider offers such an expansive range of proven, data-driven services,” says Maddrey. “Although data-driven solutions are by nature complex, the new site does a great job of detailing each offering and informing readers about the potential solutions TKXS can provide.”

Historically, the company’s “careers” section was one of the most-visited web pages, so TKXS also took this opportunity to bolster the section with core values, corporate structure, as well as examples of how TKXS supports its local community.

“While we also build client websites, this presented the opportunity to reflect on our business and tell our evolved company story,” Maddrey recaps. “Updating has been a great opportunity to treat ourselves to the same thoughtful approach, process and results.”

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