PowerSuite® Collect


PowerSuite Collect: The Undisputed Leader In Data Collection

PowerSuite Collect is the number one solution for point-of-sale and inventory data collection for manufacturers, distributors and retailers throughout the agriculture, specialty chemical and seed industries. For more than 15 years, PowerSuite Collect has processed more transactional data than any other provider, and equipped decision-makers with high-quality data that is ready for action.


Centralize, Standardize And Enhance The Quality Of Your Data

Valuable and actionable insights require high-quality data, prepared for success. PowerSuite Collect enables you to provide everyone in your organization with a single, standardized view of all data. A smart and comprehensive solution, PowerSuite Collect maintains your data in a ready-to-use state, so your team can query and access real-time insights on-demand.

Create Reports With Ease

A versatile solution, PowerSuite Collect accepts all data formats and configures data according to each channel partner’s preferences, from product names to units of measure.

Detect Errors Quickly

Take advantage of industry-specific technology leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to detect and isolate outliers and errors in reported data.

Reduce Data Management Burdens

Efficient and effective, your PowerSuite Collect team works directly with your channel partners to research and resolve data quality issues.


PowerSuite Collect: Manage Your Data

  • Compile, standardize and centralize access to all data
  • Use filters to organize data in useful ways
  • Glean accurate insights faster with clean data
  • Produce detailed and visually engaging reports on-demand
  • Support sales claims with data proving efficacy
  • Empower sales and marketing to run queries

Achieve Goals Faster.
Equip Teams With Accessible, Accurate and Actionable Data

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PowerSuite Collect is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, analyzation, integrity, security and usage of business intelligence.