PowerSuite® Data Management


Take Control of Your Greatest Competitive Advantage —Customer Data

Designed to resolve data challenges with speed and ease, PowerSuite Data Management is a customer data platform (CDP) that integrates seamlessly with data sources throughout your enterprise, such as marketing automation platforms (MAPs) and customer relationship management (CRMs) systems. Smart and intuitive, the platform processes disparate customer data in real-time, immediately cleaning, standardizing and enriching to ensure your data is always of the highest quality. With PowerSuite Data Management, sharing data between analytical and action-oriented system is quick and painless.


Gain A Single View Of Customers

Unlike enterprise data warehouses, CRMs and other platforms, TKXS PowerSuite Data Management is marketing-specific, enhancing data quality and providing a unified customer view. Because data is accessible to systems across your organization, high quality data is always available wherever needed.

Integrate Data In

Simplify integrations between systems with universal data connectors and REST APIs that provide a central interface, as well as flexibility, scalability and independence in technologies.

Optimize Workflows For Data Management

Configure workflows for a variety of tasks, from data processing and standardization, to appending routines, identifying records for review, data enhancements, entity resolution, etc.

Access Integrated Cross-Channel Analytics

Analyze response and engagement data from multiple systems, including MAPs, CRMs, inbound and outbound call centers, and other response-driven systems.


PowerSuite Data Management: Manage Your Data

  • Correct and standardize company and contact information
  • Append phone numbers and verify email addresses
  • Convert addresses into geo-coordinates and vice-versa with geocoding
  • Manage global communications preferences
  • Ensure customer data is GDPR compliant

Manage Customer Data and 
Enhance Data Quality and t he Customer Experience

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PowerSuite Data Management is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, integration, management, utilization and analysis of your data.