PowerSuite® Incent


Accurately Calculate Incentives Anytime With Amazing Speed

Enhance customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty with PowerSuite Incent. Smart, efficient, and precise, PowerSuite Incent uses your sales data to instantly reveal the incentives for which customers qualify. And because PowerSuite Incent is easy to integrate and deploy, you can create and customize incentive programs and calculate payments in minutes.


Eliminate Stress With Real-Time Program Visibility

Never worry about the budget-breaking costs of inaccurate calculations. Instead, you'll have the peace of mind of always knowing where a program stands. PowerSuite Incent tracks purchases throughout the year, so you can distribute payments as requirements are met. No misunderstandings regarding rules, no end-of-year rush-to-pay scenarios and no surprises.

Confidently Calculate Complex Incentives

Produce budget-saving incentive calculations on-demand for multiple programs and participants.

Monitor Programs And Test New Incentives

Track the performance of multiple programs and test the ability of different incentives to increase sales and engagement.

Equip Users With A Single Source Of Truth

Perform audits without anxiety using a single source of truth that validates the accuracy of vendor calculations.


Calculate, Track And Pay, All Year Long, With PowerSuite Incent

  • Calculate accurate incentives on-demand
  • Monitor the performance of multiple incentive programs
  • Plan budgets with precision through predictable and accurate calculations
  • Match participants to programs using sales data
  • Gain totally visibility via anytime access to program data
  • Use real-time tracking to test different incentive scenarios and programs

Improve Incentive Program Performance With Accurate Real-Time Calculations

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PowerSuite Incent is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, analyzation, integrity, security and usage of business intelligence.