PowerSuite® Iris


Equip Sales Teams With A Clear And Consolidated View Of Customer Data

Essential sales data is often stored in a variety of tools, spreadsheets and reports across an array of systems and data sources. Locating this information before a call is an important yet time-consuming task that detracts from selling time. Enter IRIS, a cloud-based portal allowing sales teams to instantly access critical customer information.


Prepare Reps To Seize Opportunities And Have A Successful Call Every Time

Easy-to-use and mobile-friendly, IRIS increases productivity and efficiency by pulling customer data from a variety of systems, standardizing it and making it available via a convenient dashboard. Within Iris’s user-friendly interface are clickable widgets so sales teams can find the information they need, manage business plans, and even search original sources for more data if desired.

Empower Sales To Find Information Fast

Equip reps with instant access to proprietary systems, business planning tools, sales and inventory information, program payouts, and more.

Manage Customer Business Plans On-the-Go

Using any mobile device, reps can easily add physical records and update customer agreements, goals and incentives.

Identify Time-Sensitive Opportunities

Empower sales reps to quickly assess an account’s status and seize timely opportunities, such as congratulations on record sales, assistance with lagging sales, etc.


IRIS: Equip Reps With Powerful Information

  • Account contact information
  • Transactional data, including orders, purchases, returns, etc.
  • Current account and portfolio status
  • Delivery status and shipment tracking
  • Historical and current account data comparisons
  • Rebate and incentive program opportunities

Ensure Sales Teams
Have the Right Information
At the Right Time.

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IRIS is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, analyzation, integrity, security and usage of business intelligence.