PowerSuite® Master


Base Decisions On High-Quality Data

Developed to transform disparate, misaligned data into clean, standardized information, PowerSuite Master brings uniformity to a variety of different data sets, ensuring numeric values and units of measure are normalized. The PowerSuite Master data management platform cleans and standardizes large volumes of data throughout your organization, so team members can make decisions based on the highest quality data possible.


Align With Industry Standards

PowerSuite Master accounts for all unique representations of an entity, product, unit of measure or SKU in the marketplace, aligning it with the correct, industry standard. Regardless of whether errors are from file corruption or user entries, PowerSuite Master quickly finds, eliminates and corrects inconsistencies, inaccuracies and duplications. All types of data can be scanned and prepped, from quantitative data, such as numbers and units of measurement, to more abstract data like letters, words and graphics, such as tables and records.

Bring Consistency And Uniformity To Disorderly Data

Standardize, harmonize and align partner-specific data for products, companies and people with current industry standards.

Experience Industrywide Cross-Referencing Capabilities

Cross-reference data for products, SKUs, and units of measure with decades of data sourced from point-of-sale and transactional data across the industry.

Map Channel Partner Data To Its Source

Integrate channel partner data from thousands of sales points and map it to a single, accurate source, while maintaining all unique references.


PowerSuite Master: Clean And Standardize Data Across All Sources

  • Continuously scan data for errors, inconsistencies and blanks
  • Standardize data sets, measurements and numbers
  • Correct data errors and remove redundancies
  • Cross-check new data with validated data
  • Optimize data for analyzation and usage
  • Keep data perpetually clean

Improve Data Analyzation And Optimize Decision-Making With Clean, Standardized Data

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PowerSuite Master is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, analyzation, integrity, security and usage of business intelligence.