PowerSuite® Pay


Increase Profitability With Efficient, Accurate And Automated Incentive Payments

Manage transactions and calculate incentives in real-time with PowerSuite Pay. With this innovative and comprehensive incentive management system, you'll have complete control over your programs and will see significant savings with more efficient and accurate payments. An intuitive interface allows users to apply business rules with speed and ease.


Increase Customer Loyalty With Fast And Accurate Incentive Payments

By seamlessly integrating with various data management systems and allowing you to import customer and participant lists, PowerSuite Pay ensures that the right person receives the right payment every time. Featuring industry-leading security and a simple graphic point-and-click interface, PowerSuite Pay enables you to take care of business quickly and confidently.

Create Mutually Rewarding Customer Relationships

Generate goodwill and opportunities for further sales by immediately delivering incentives to participants upon program creation.

Reduce Administrative Time And Increase Program Savings

Organize and track multiple incentive programs in real-time, and ensure your budget is never wasted on unclaimed or wrongly calculated payments.

Manage A Variety Of Programs And Payment Options

Offer payment options to incentive, loyalty, reward and rebate program participants, including checks, gift cards, e-codes and EFTs.


PowerSuite Pay: A Better Way To Make Incentive Payments

  • Manage transactions and calculate incentives in real-time
  • Save money through more efficient and accurate payments
  • Apply business rules and approve workflows with ease
  • Increase productivity by processing payments in batches
  • Perform audits and manage escheatments
  • Integrate with other data systems and import lists
  • Monitor and control multiple incentive programs

Take Control of Incentive Programs 
to Increase Savings, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction

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PowerSuite Pay is part of a collection of data-driven tools that support, manage and optimize the collection, analyzation, integrity, security and usage of business intelligence.